What colors can I choose from as inlay in a Thunderstruck design?

We stock three categories of colors: non-glowing, neutral glowing, and fluorescent glowing. Below is a list of colors we commonly have in stock, but don't feel limited by the list; we can mix, swirl, and custom order colors to get exactly what you're looking for. For example, if you like metallic antique silver, but also want it to glue, we can mix in a neutral white glow powder to achieve both.

Non-glowing: Battleship Grey - Cobalt Blue - Pure White - Imperial Red - Liberty Copper - Blue/Green - Vivid Orange - Tuscan Sunset - Mahogany - Caribbean Blue - Black Onyx - Hunter Green - Bora Bora Blue - Aluminum - Silver Pearl - Liquid Metal Pearl - Ghost Satin Green - Gold/Orange - Roman Gold - Liquid Fire - Ghost Satin Red - Pink Pearl - Burple - Jungle Green - Stirling Orange - Diamond Gold - Scarlet - Deep Blue Sea - Purple Haze - Pure Pearl White - Iridescent Blue - Pure Gold - Green Envy - Emerald Green - Kiwi - Lux Green - Merlot - Ghost Gold Pearl - Iridescent Green (see photos below).

Antique Silver - Super Copper - Sparkle Gold - Interference Blue - Duo Violet - Brass (not pictured).

Neutral Glowing: White - Green - Aqua - Sky Blue - Dark Blue - Orange - Red (not pictured).

Fluorescent Glowing: Purple - Blue - Green - Aqua - Yellow - Orange - Red - Pink (not pictured).

Color samples available by request at a small cost.

* We understand that one of the images is very poor quality and we're working with our supplier to obtain a better photo.

How does the glowing work? What’s the material? Do you need batteries?

All glowing designs we create contain a very fine photoluminescent powder, usually suspended in clear resin. When exposed to any light source, the powder "charges" and begins to glow. More time exposed to light and/or more intense light (e.g. direct vs. indirect sun) means longer and brighter glowing. Sunlight and black (UV) lights are the best for charging, but interior lighting works as well. Glowing time in the dark varies with color of powder, but 8 to 12 hours is common. No batteries or wires required.

What is the difference between neutral and fluorescent glowing colors?

Both neutral and fluorescent colors glow in the dark. The main difference is how they appear in a well-lit space. Fluorescent colors show their colors: for example, fluorescent green looks bright green during the day AND when glowing. Neutral colors appear off-white or very faintly show color in a lit room, but still glow just as bright in the dark.