Tiny House Appliances

Throughout our tiny home building journey, we've noticed a lack of high-quality appliances tailored to tiny house builders and owners. In the true engineer spirit, we thought, let's make our own! At the moment, we're still building prototypes and don't have any appliances available for purchase. If you're interested in something in particular, let us know. We may be able to make a one-time item just for you.


Propane "Wood" Stove

Combining the aesthetics of a wood stove with the convenience of a thermostat-controlled propane furnace.

Development in progress.


Mini Split A/C Unit

Your living space is small and probably well-insulated. You can't accommodate the size and weight of a standard commercial unit, nor do you need all of that cooling power. We're designing a custom unit made just for people like you.

Development in progress.

Combined Heat Pump / Air Conditioner

A small, energy-efficient unit that doubles as an air conditioner to keep you cool and a heat pump to keep you warm - just with the press of a button.

Development in progress.


Have an idea for a tiny house appliance you wish you could find? Tell us about it, and we'll get started making it!